This is a great game, I got this Creature from my good friend Steve Zeuner in June of 1999. He had just finished shopping it (cleaning / fixing it up, replace lamps, and rubber rings) and gave to me for a good price. This was the only game in my collection (at the time) that I bought shopped.

It has a fifties drive-in theme that is actually the main theme of the game. The Creature (in hologram form) only appears if you find him during 2-ball multiball. Lots to do in the game and it has an old fashioned feel with a lot of cool ramps. My daughter loves to see the Creature in 3-D during the game's attract mode. Another cool feature of the game is the music it plays, it actually changes the music every day (finally, they use the internal clock for something real).

A beautiful backglass with awesome art!
A ton of things to shoot at and some really fun modes, but hey, there's something different about this one, can you see it?
Cool Side Art.
The famous creature Hologram. It lights up during multiball.
OK, I'll tell you. Creature wasn't made with light-up pop bumpers. It's my opinion that it was done because changing the lamps would be so difficult with all the ramps covering. I put them in myself.
I bought standard pop bumper sockets and fed them through, then stapled them to the playfield. I then used 2 different color wires to wire the three sockets together.
I then ran the wires back to the end of this GI string because it was very close and didn't seem to have much on it (also, I figured that since I had replaced the 44 lamps with 47's it would have less stress on the circuit anyway). It worked perfectly when I turned it on.

Al Warner
Last revised: 4/25/00